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Jimbaran, Bali

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About us

The vision of Fitmeals was born out of the heart of S2S Health & Fitness community. We are a team of health & fitness experts, experienced & highly qualified chefs, health enthusiasts, and big-time foodies. The idea was born because of our members. As happy as they were with their fitness progress, we saw many struggle with keeping up with good nutrition intake in Bali, Indonesia. So out came Fitmeals. 

The most common complaint we received from our members is the lack of easy-to-grab healthy foods available around this island. Though we provided nutrition & meal planning consultations, it just wasn't good enough with most of our members being busy bees and are always on the go. After getting to the roots of why people find it hard to eat heathy here, it was agreed that inconvenience was the number one hinderance followed by the lack of variety of healthy food options here. 

Out we went seeking for the ultimate dream-team to provide our members with great tasting meals that will support their fitness progress. In November 2015, we tested our products by launching it to a small group of people. The response was great, but we are still working on bettering our product. 

Here are some Fitmeals foundational facts that make our products a trustworthy health brand:

  • Everything we use in our products are natural wholesome ingredients - we don't ever use preservatives, artificial products, or MSG 
  • We season using organic palm sugar and natural Bali sea salt 
  • We source top-notch meat which are slow-cooked to get that juicy tenderness
  • Our vegetables come direct from Bedugul farms to our kitchen which means they travel through a short distance which equals max nutrients in your body
  • Foods are immediately prepped & cooked on the day
  • Individually vacuum sealed to prevent oxidation & to seal all the good nutrition 
  • Once food is prepped, they are immediately frozen on the day to get its maximum vitamin and mineral content along with its freshness
  • When it arrives on your table, it'll taste as if you cooked a healthy balanced meal yourself!

We pride ourselves in our honesty, our prepping method, our hygiene standards and the passion we have for healthy living. We invite all our customers to come and visit our kitchen and our team at our S2S Health & Fitness Jimbaran location. Drop us an email to setup viewing time or if you need more details on how to get to our kitchen. 

We hope you enjoy our meals and we look forward to hearing all feedbacks about our product and service. 


With love, 

Matt & Crissilia